This is me ...

... and my name is Christina and I am so happy that you found my Blog ... Flowers, Ribbons and Pearls.  When I was searching for a name to call my blog I came up with all sorts of titles. Sadly they either didn't sound right or they were already taken (sigh!)

So I decided to sleep on it and try again the next day.  But in the middle of the night I woke up with flowers, ribbons and pearls going round and round in my head.  Ping!! of course ... that's it ...these are all the things I like to add to my cards and  the idea made sense ... and so the Blog was born in February 2012

 As for me,  well  I am based in the UK and  I have lived in the same house for 44 years.... and I love every brick in this home.   I am  married to  Griff and he does all the filming for my tutorials ... (affectionately known as my Film Crew) 

 I have two grown up daughters ...    I am Grandmother to two girls and one boy, and they are all grown up too...  I  was made  a  Great Grandmother to a beautiful baby girl named  Isabella  in October 2011 and she is growing up to be a delightful little girl

In November 2011  I took the plunge and retired from the job that I had done for 24years ... and now I devote my working time to building the website ... Card Making Magic ... that is my pride and  joy.

CMM was born in March 2009 and it has been the steepest learning curve I have ever started ... but it gives me so much pleasure and I love it as much now as I did when I started it.  I work more now than I did when I went out to work ... and I love it

I have to admit that I enjoy what I do very much and I must make hundreds of cards in the course of the year.  I give many away to charity and I also on these blog pages.  There are also video tutorials and each week I have  a Tuesday Tutorial 

 I hope you will stop by regularly ...  and maybe visit 
 Card Making Magic too.

Thanks for visiting
Hugs xx